Wednesday, May 07, 2008

82. Do STP Run the Vancouver Half Marathon

Getting Ready to Race

I ran the Vancouver Half Marathon and it was great! I finished in 3 hours and 2 minutes and 56 seconds. My goal was 3 hours but heck I'll take those extra 3 minutes and be proud of what I did today.

Race Morning

Scott got up at O'Dark Thirty with me and sent me off at the starting line. The sun was shining and the day was just beautiful.

Photo by Scott

Julie ran the entire way with me which you know really makes the race just that much better.

Photo by Scott

Julie and I stuck to our 5 minute runs and our 1 minute walks all the way until Stanley Park. The crowd was super supportive and cheered all of us on. They printed our first names on our bibs and I do admit to being confused when people I didn't know would yell my name and cheer me on. It took oh about 6 miles to figure out that my name was on my bib! Duh!

Photo by Scott

Stanley Park was beautiful and we walked up "the hill" where you gain 200 feet in elevation in just under one mile. We picked up our 5 and 1's once we were done with the hill and ran, ran, ran our way in. The last mile may have been the LONGEST mile known to man but I am so happy with my time and so happy to be done training for a bit!

Day 138 (138/366): Time = 3:03!

OK, OK, I know I'll be back out there running again soon but I'm going to relax this week and not worry about training!

82. Do STP Run the Vancouver Half Marathon

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