Monday, October 15, 2007

Playing Catch-up on the List

In the last few months, I've completed quite a few things on my list. Unfortunately I haven't been documenting this information! Yikes!

48. Create and maintain a budget
Budget 101 in 1001

58. Visit Mot in New Mexico -- It was a wonderful trip. One of the best!
I Leap For You

61. Visit Vancouver, BC -- I do love visiting Vancouver.
Went to Vancouver

62. Visit Portland, OR -- Lovely Portland, full of wonderfulness!
August 19, 2007

75. Document my yarn stash -- Oh I do love Ravelry!

78. Finish the Purple Sweater - Thank GOD!
Pinned Up

So in conclusion, this stuff is all done which means I'm 28.7% done.

27. Back up all of my important computer data (esp. pictures, music and blog) and arrange for regular, automatic backup.
29. Donate Blood
34. Visit SAM
37. See two previously unseen Vermeer Paintings
38. Get Destiny's teeth cleaned
47. Organize my filing cabinet and throw away old papers
48. Create and maintain a budget
50. Prepare my will
52. Do my taxes in 2007
57. Go to England
58. Visit Mot in New Mexico
61. Visit Vancouver, BC
62. Visit Portland,OR
63. Go to Ireland
64. Buy a lensbaby lens
67. Buy a fisheye lens
68. Buy a ring for myself
69. Buy an external hard drive
70. Buy a Custom Timbuktu Messenger Bag
71. Buy a new cell phone
75. Document my yarn stash
77. Finish the Hourglass Sweater
78. Finish the Purple Sweater
81. Take a Yoga Workshop
83. Lose 10 pounds
91. Plant a vegetable garden
92. Climb the water tower at Volunteer Park
94. Have a professional facial
97. Use my $50 gift certificate to Knit Picks

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